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This is where I post all my publicly-available homebrew for Dungeons & Dragons. This place acts as both a repository for all my brews, as well as somewhere for me to post write-ups talking about brews I have made or am working on.

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  • Design Insights: Defining Success
    Intro We’re continuing the Design Insights series with a bit of a different topic. It’s one that’s probably more fundamental than the ones we’ve covered off so far, but I wanted to get the other ones out first to set the tone of the series. Anyway, the whole point of this series is to help … Continue reading Design Insights: Defining Success
  • Design Insights: Power Budget
    Intro We’re continuing to unpack various design concepts to make ourselves better at homebrewing and creating 3rd-party content for D&D 5e. In the last piece I mentioned Power Budgets, so this piece is going to focus on that concept. Before I dive in, this is going to be almost exclusively relevant for designing classes and … Continue reading Design Insights: Power Budget
  • Design Insights: Static Bonuses
    Go into any homebrew community and post a non-item brew that gives a +1 bonus to something (like a subclass ability that gives a +1 to saving throws). You will get eaten alive. Why is this?
  • A Tiny Teaser
    So by now the last Runic Language has been released over on Patreon (do check it out if you’ve missed the releases so far). It’s time to post a small teaser of what’s in the works… I love this cosmological model of the elemental planes. I grabbed it from an old 2e supplement and commissioned … Continue reading A Tiny Teaser
  • Ready-To-Use Backgrounds
    I have a pretty simple post for today. This is a bunch of backgrounds that I’ve developed for my campaigns. You may find them useful for your own games, flavour permitting. They’re relatively setting-agnostic, but some may not be suitable for certain settings (such as Apprentice Golem Smith). The backgrounds are, in alphabetical order: – … Continue reading Ready-To-Use Backgrounds
  • Something Big Is Coming
    I’ve got a ton of stuff in the works. The whole project is really kicking into gear, so I want to give a proper update on what I’m working on and what to expect in the coming weeks, months and (hopefully) years. The Patreon Is Live! That’s right! It’s been more than a year since … Continue reading Something Big Is Coming
  • The Great Gunsmith Rework
    A while back I posted my Gunsmith and Gunsmith Expansion homebrew on this blog. As I did so I discussed the brew itself, talking about what I liked about it, what I didn’t like, and some lessons I’d learned in making it. In among this was the mention of one major issue I had with … Continue reading The Great Gunsmith Rework
  • The Gunsmith Expansion
    This immediately follows on from the Gunsmith class I released here yesterday. After (mostly) finishing that brew and getting through a big chunk of playtesting I felt there was some thematic space I hadn’t explored yet, and around the same time Xanathar’s Guide to Everything had just launched. So I decided to make my own … Continue reading The Gunsmith Expansion
  • The Gunsmith
    The next class I’m going to release here is my oldest, and the one that has easily had the most play hours in my games. That class would be the Gunsmith. Like I said this is the first brew I ever made and I think it still reflects that in places. I want to share … Continue reading The Gunsmith
  • The Oracle
    The first homebrew I want to share here is the Oracle class for D&D 5e. This is the most recent brew of mine, and quite possibly the last I’ll make for 5e for a while. The Oracle is a supportive full-caster built around dice manipulation and spell preparation. The download link is below, and after … Continue reading The Oracle