Revisiting the Clockwork Setpiece: Roguelikes

Intro So a little under a year ago I posted This Piece that discussed something called the ‘Clockwork Setpiece’. This is a convenient catch-all terms used to describe things like time loops and other resetting challenges. I’m incredibly proud of that piece. I would say it’s one of my best.I’ve recently re-explored the concept in … Continue reading Revisiting the Clockwork Setpiece: Roguelikes

Memory and Longevity: The Failings of WotC

Intro I have, over the last few months, gone to great lengths discussing the ramifications of having long-lived races in our DnD settings. I’ve discussed how the length of their lifespans influences the cultures they develop. I’ve discussed how to reconcile those different lifespans and cultures into a single cohesive campaign world that doesn’t buckle … Continue reading Memory and Longevity: The Failings of WotC