A Tiny Teaser

So by now the last Runic Language has been released over on Patreon (do check it out if you’ve missed the releases so far). It’s time to post a small teaser of what’s in the works…

I love this cosmological model of the elemental planes. I grabbed it from an old 2e supplement and commissioned a good friend of mine to make this more ‘up-to-date’ version of the artwork.

The gist of it is you have the four elemental planes in a supermaterial orbit around the Prime Material plane (and attached Feywild and Shadowfell). Above and below the material triumvriate are the positive and negative planes respectively. Connecting each of these planes is a quasi-elemental plane (Magma, Salt, Radiance, etc).

I use this model for the planes a lot in my games. I find it provides a great framework for the origins of different element forces (such as Mephits) as well as providing great extraplanar locations for mid-tier adventurers. From there making the leap to high-tier play in the wider planes of the Great Wheel (or equivalent) feels like a very natural step.

Anyway, this is only a small teaser. The supplement this belongs to is very much a WIP. For now there is still the full Rune Magic supplement to be released (with a whole slew of subclasses and spells), plus a few other subclasses and mini-supplements.

Keep your eyes peeled!

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