2 Month Retrospective

So far this blog has been running for 2 months (or rather just under 2 months) and I wanted to do a brief retrospective.


Yesterday I did something I haven’t done before on this blog. I posted a piece of content here before I posted it anywhere else. So far all of the content on my blog as either been posted in tandem with the piece going on the DnDBehindTheScreen subreddit, or has been an older piece of content from the subreddit that I have posted here. Yesterday that officially changed.

Ideally that’s how I’d like to do things moving forward. I’d like to be posting things here at least a day or two before they go up anywhere else. If you want to be getting first access to my posts then this is the place.

I also made a couple of changes to the layout. Namely a search function so you can look for posts by name and also a tag cloud. Both of these things should make posts easier to find as I add more content. With regards to the tags, series will all come under a single tag (such as with the recent ‘Seasons of Adventure’ series), and then I also have tags for more broad categories (such as ‘Worldbuilding’ or Dungeons’). Most posts will come under multiple tag categories, so finding things shouldn’t be too difficult.

On Content

I also want to take a brief look back at the ‘On Content Releases’ post from a little over a month ago. So far I have kept to my promise made there of releasing at least one post a week on this blog. This has been in no small part helped by my posting of older write-ups here. However, as of the ‘In-Universe Burnout…’ post I have put everything I have previously written on this blog. From here on out it will be exclusively new content.

With that in mind, content may slow to strictly once per week, as that is also the pace at which I’m able to post on DnDBehindTheScreen and for now if I want to maximise my audience I need to be posting there. Over time I hope that will shift.

On Platforms

I mentioned it above, but for now everything I post here will also be available elsewhere, and over time I want that to change. For now there’s a distinct goal that will enable that, and that’s becoming whitelisted on DnDBehindTheScreen. Once I’m whitelisted I will be able to promote this blog on my posts there, which will help bring readership here, and provide more incentive for me to post things here before they go up on the subreddit.

Currently my oldest relevant post there is 8 months old, and they require 1 year of consistent posting to be considered for whitelisting, so with any luck in 4 months’ time I can be considered for whitelisting and may get approved.

From there the plan is simple. I will look to maintain the standard of releasing content here at least a day (ideally 2) ahead of it being posted to DnDBehindTheScreen (or other platforms), and will begin releasing additional content which I will make available through Patreon or some other similar platform. This additional content may include write-ups, but will also cover things like setting guides, dungeons, and homebrew player options.

And Also

And also thanks. Thank you to everyone who’s been reading the content here so far. I have a few followers, and a low-but-consistent level of readership, and I have to say I’m really pleased with it. I’m thankful for everyone who takes the time to read what I have to say. I’m looking forward to seeing this place continue to grow.

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