On Content Releases

So by now the blog has garnered a little bit of a following, and so far I’ve mostly been posting things I have previously written for r/DnDBehindTheScreen. I wanted to make a post that properly outlined my plans for the blog and other content of mine moving forward.


As mentioned above, right now I’m looking to post my old DnDBehindTheScreen write-ups in addition to the ‘Building Better Dungeons’ series that is currently underway. I have a solid amount of original content beyond that, which will be posted both here and on the behind the screen sub.

I also have homebrew content which will be released exclusively here. So far I have posted some classes for DnD 5e, but also have some other subclasses and major supplements that I have developed and used for my own games that I will release over time.

In general, between these two major areas I am aiming to release at least one piece of content a week. This will be more articles than homebrew, as I only develop homebrew as ideas come to me and that is not an inherently regular thing.


I have most recently been asked whether I will release The Grave of the Lantern Keeper as a playable dungeon. I really like the idea, so I can confirm that I have begun working on it (which mostly means converting physical art assets into digital ones). I can’t say when I’m expecting to have it finished, but I intend to release it here for free. I will be releasing 2 versions, one for Pathfinder 2e and one for DnD 5e.

I may release future dungeons I design here. First of all it’s worth mentioning that in my current campaign The Grave of the Lantern Keeper is one in a series of 6 dungeons, and the other 5 have not been fully designed yet. Once they are completed I may convert them for digital release, but I’m undecided on that right now and don’t want to commit to releasing them just yet.


The final thing I have been asked about is whether I have/will have a Patreon. The plan is to have one eventually. For now I would like to build up a regular audience. Once the Patreon is established I would be releasing my larger homebrew supplements through it, as well as publishing exclusive articles. It may also be where I release dungeons and campaign setting resources in future.

Brief Thanks

This is the part where I say thank you to everyone who has started reading this blog! I’m grateful for everyone who has shown interest in what I have to say so far, and I’d like to assure you that I have a lot more to say. If you’ve enjoyed my content so far then I imagine you’ll enjoy everything else I have in store.

I’d also love for people who like my content to share it with anyone they think will also like it. My stuff can only spread by word-of-mouth, so all support is appreciated.

That’s all I have for now. I like to imagine every few months I’ll do a ‘state of the blog’-type post somewhat along these lines, so if you’re reading this then you’re here on ground zero. I’m glad to have you along for the ride!

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