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State of the Press

Hey guys, it’s been a little quite here for a while so I wanted to drop a quick update on what I’ve been up to and what’s been going on in my life. I Ran a Tabletop Convention That’s really the bones of it! I’ve not posted on here because I’ve been hard at work … Continue reading State of the Press

So You Want To Run A Bank

Intro Alright, it’s time for the last piece in this series. Or at least the last piece for the time being. As always I might revisit this if I find there’s more to say. So far we’ve broken down how currency was actually used in medieval societies and used that as a framework to more … Continue reading So You Want To Run A Bank

Managing Multiple Currencies

Intro It’s time to tackle this tricky topic I first talked about over in This Piece. If you haven’t read that one then it’s not the end of the world, but it is highly related. If you’re reading this piece because you want a better understanding of medieval economics then you’ll find that piece helpful … Continue reading Managing Multiple Currencies

Design Insights: Power Budget

Intro We’re continuing to unpack various design concepts to make ourselves better at homebrewing and creating 3rd-party content for D&D 5e. In the last piece I mentioned Power Budgets, so this piece is going to focus on that concept. Before I dive in, this is going to be almost exclusively relevant for designing classes and … Continue reading Design Insights: Power Budget

Design Insights: Static Bonuses

Go into any homebrew community and post a non-item brew that gives a +1 bonus to something (like a subclass ability that gives a +1 to saving throws). You will get eaten alive. Why is this?


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